About Us

Permabois’s excellence


PERMABOIS’s excellence involves an oil-impregnation process that provides your wood floors with remarkable properties. Walking on an oiled PERMABOIS floor means walking on a floor that improves with age, gaining a rich and natural patina that will become more resistant year after year.

The risk of creaking noises is reduced thanks to the firm take of the mortise-tenon combination (click-type tongue and groove). What’s more, the sides of each plank (tenon) are oiled, which eliminates the undesirable colour-variation effect created by the spaces between planks that occur with changes in humidity inside the home. Moreover, your floors won’t let scratches show. If need be, repairing scratches is easy and is done without sanding or causing odours.

PERMABOIS’s excellence means our highly trained staff supervises every step of manufacturing. Our products are guaranteed for 25 years in residential use, which assures you of their quality. (In accordance with the warranty)

Distinction and elegance are of prime importance in our choice of grades and colours. We choose grades and colours so your floors reflect the warmth, refinement and quality found in your home—and so they express these values which are dear to Permabois.

PERMABOIS: a style that lives through time. Trends and taste may change, but PERMABOIS floors remain.

Our green commitment


PERMABOIS only uses natural oils made from plants. These oils produce no chemical emanation and as such, our floors are safe for your family’s health and for your pets. What’s more, the natural oils used by PERMABOIS follow the new Canadian standards regulating emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the atmosphere.

Our green commitment also means you can count on our floors for many years. They only require simple monthly maintenance using natural products that will preserve your floor’s beauty.

Our wood supply comes exclusively from producers who favour the sound management of forests, and our production maximizes the yield of raw material by favouring wood recuperation.

We also use a type of wrapping that requires a minimal quantity of cardboard.