Camouflage effect and simple touch ups

Among the many advantages of Permabois oil-saturated floors is that, unlike traditional lacquers, they immediately camouflage indentations and can be easily repaired.

In fact, the natural oils impregnated actively participate in the camouflage effect of indentations and scratches. You won't have to endure the brittle white lines of a damaged UV finish.

The camouflage effect is also valid for pets, wonderful to be able to count on a floor that diminishes the visual effect of marks left by our four-legged friends.

Thanks to the oils impregnated in the wood, floor touch-ups are easy to perform and can be done by the homeowner without having to pay an expert.

With our Permabois touch-up kit, you can quickly cover up most scratches without delay, without additional cost and without risk of damaging your floors.

Video explaining the procedures to follow for minor repairs


More details and information available in our complete "Proper care and maintenance guide".

We all wish our wood floors looked as good as the first day they were installed... but it's a floor and life often adds a little character over the years.

Eventually the unexplainable will happen and that's when you'll realize the benefits of a simple touch-up and the benefits of our saturated oils.

Allowing your floors to keep their beautiful appearance over the years is also the Permabois difference.

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