Our features and benefits

The unequalled quality of our oiled floors provides invaluable advantages.


In order to fully appreciate the benefits, you must be able to compare and evaluate the products available on the market when purchasing a floor.

Here are some thoughts and comparisons to help you choose your floors wisely. Because not all floors are made the same way and we are proud of the work invested in the preparation of a Permabois oiled floor.

First of all, it is important to understand the characteristics and advantages of a Permabois natural oil saturated floor compared to UV finished floors to realize the benefits.

Indeed, most of the finishing options offered for floors are of the UV type, i.e., baked on the surface using ultraviolet lamps. A rigid protective film with a level of protection specific to each manufacturer.

These UV options will need to be sanded and recoated over time. The actual time will depend on the level of wear and scratch tolerance of each. But one thing is certain: they will need to be sanded and varnished or even replaced at some point.

Let's get back to Permabois' differentiating features.

Whether it's the ease of maintenance, the simplicity of making minor repairs, the possibility of restoring without dust or hassle, you will find in Permabois a remarkable financial investment, a quality floor and a clean and responsible choice.


Air dried natural oils and our saturation process: key differentiators

  1. Use of natural vegetable oils, no VOC's before, during or after installation
  2. Natural oils improve the durability of the wood but it is also our complete impregnation that allows for easy repair of the floor if it is damaged.
  3. Calibration of natural oil quantities and drying time by wood species, allows for better saturation of the wood fibers and increased protection against premature wear.
  4. The base oil, our first in depth application, contains the colour pigments used to stain the wood and maintains the original appearance over the years because it is protected by a surface finishing oil.
  5. The finishing oil, our second application, completes the impregnation process and ensures that the wood is well saturated to obtain a silky and durable finish

Simple and easy maintenance to clean and regenerate the oiled finish, the Permaclean solution.

  1. Simple and hassle-free maintenance of an oil-saturated floor, a soap that cleans and nourishes the wood in one step with Permaclean.
  2. Simple maintenance is enhanced by occasionally combining it with Permalustre protector, which also regenerates the finish and develops a remarkable patina.
  3. Properly maintained, your Permabois floors will maintain their beautiful appearance, so there's no need to sand or replace them. 
  4. Significant savings. An advantage, but above all, one less thing to worry about.
  5. Explanatory video on the maintenance of your new Permabois oiled floors https://youtu.be/uEHq6EUXkOA

Scratch concealment and ease of minor repairs, another differentiating feature

  1. Our oiled finish seals your floors against splashes of major liquids, so well maintained your floors won't stain even when an evening with friends ends up with an unfortunate event.
  2. Impregnated natural oils actively participate in the camouflage effect of indentations and scratches, visually you will not have to endure the crumbly white lines of a damaged UV finish.
  3. The camouflage effect is also valid for pets, wonderful to be able to count on a floor that diminishes the visual effect of marks left by our four-legged friends.
  4. Our air dried oils also seal the wood despite scratches and indentations, so you don't have to worry about moisture seeping in and darkening the affected areas.
  5. Touching up the floor is relatively easy to do and can be done easily by the homeowner without having to pay an expert.
  6. Explanatory video on the procedures to follow for minor repairs https://youtu.be/llZga5xpC9Q

Non-intrusive surface restoration and important cost savings

  1. Repairing larger surfaces, or restoring a section of the home, can be done without having to restore the entire room or even empty the house of furniture to do so.
  2. Restoration with our oils is done faster, without deep sanding, therefore non-intrusive, odorless, dustless and for a fraction of the price.
  3. Restoration of the finish rather than sanding or even replacement of hardwood floors is also a substantial money saving. 

    Calculate the cost of sanding and varnishing a prefinished UV floor with micro-v joint edges, in 2022 the average price is about $5.00/pc. So about $5000.00 extra for each 1000sqft of surface, not negligible in the budget equation.

    In some cases, contractors even prefer to replace the entire floor. This involves tearing out, disposing of, cleaning, buying the material and having it installed again... I forgot to move and store the furniture, restaurants and temporary lodging! This is more than double the money invested in the initial purchase.

  4. Above all, a non-intrusive restoration of a Permabois floor assures peace of mind, no matter what the situation, there will always be an inexpensive solution at your disposal.


    This advantage represents a solid and lasting investment with substantial savings over time.

  5. Video explaining the procedure for restoring a section of Permabois floor https://youtu.be/yHbsXwg5SQE

A remarkably beautiful finish with an incomparable silky feel.

  1. Our natural impregnated oils offer a warm and silky finish underfoot, the days of plastic film sealed finishes are over.
  2. The permeability of impregnated oils allows the floor to breathe, unlike UV plasticized finishes, and is therefore more stable in environments subject to high humidity levels.
  3. The natural appearance of our vegetable oils brings out the beauty of the grain and highlights the nuances of each species.
  4. Two layers of vegetable oils impregnated and intertwined with the wood fibers, air dried for several days... a different and necessary approach, because it's the right way!

Made to measure, especially for you!

  1. All orders received by us are produced individually at the time of receipt of the purchase order.
  2. No inventory or oiled stock waiting on the shelves, we will produce your floor at the moment you have made your choice.
  3. Possibility to oil your staircase components, beams and mouldings for a harmonious layout.
  4. Possibility of developing a special "made to measure" color for you to complete the perfect decor.

Permabois' business model is based primarily on slow production and quality products rather than on volume or quantity produced. It goes without saying that we are proud to be different.

In harmony with nature for todays needs and tomorrows reality.


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