Our wood species

Undeniably the source of our inspiration


European white oak:

The sapwood is whitish, while the heartwood ranges from pale beige to soft brown. It is mostly straight grained, medium to coarse texture, its growth rings are also visible but soft. European white oak is generally more uniform in color than North American white oak and is also finer grained.

Preferred for the way it takes our natural oils and prized by designers, it can enhance a contemporary look as well as support a traditional classic decor. An excellent choice for the wood enthusiast.



The hickory belongs to the walnut family which includes about 18 species spread all over the world. Very varied in colour, pattern and appearance. The grain is generally fine and straight but can be fibrous and irregular. The sapwood is whitish with a brown tinge, while the heartwood varies from light brown to dark honey with natural deep purple mineral streaks. Pecking is also a known characteristic and is not considered a defect.

Filled with natural character, Hickory oiled flooring leaves no one indifferent. Dense, hard and fibrous, these characteristics give it a great resistance to impacts. Important note: Hickory is very sensitive to relative humidity, especially to dryness in winter.


Hard maple:

The hard maple is known as the sugar maple.

The sapwood of the maple is usually white with a slight reddish brown tinge. The heartwood is sometimes quite dark with minerals stries. It has a hard, closed grain that gives it a soft, uniform texture. Generally straight grained, the annual rings may have a curly or pitted pattern.

A hard, impact-resistant wood with a contemporary look combined with our natural oils for a simple but stylish effect.


Black walnut:

Among the ten or so species of walnut that exist in the world, the black walnut is without a doubt the most beautiful and most attractive.

The grain of the walnut is generally straight, but can still be irregular. The heartwood can range from light brown to dark chocolate with black streaks. The sapwood varies from light amber to almost white. The colour difference between its sapwood and heartwood is very pronounced, resulting in a wide variety of rich, natural colours.

One of the most valuable species sought after in the manufacture of luxury goods. Often seen as a softer wood, its beautiful texture and warm sheen adds an elegant touch to any decor.


Yellow Pine:

Pine flooring is a classic and timeless choice. Although pine is a softwood rather than a hardwood (like oak or maple), it is still a durable and practical choice for the floors in your home.

. The heartwood varies in coppery brown to light reddish tones. The sapwood is golden-amber to almost white. The grain is straight, with a medium and uniform texture. The wood's prominent knots give it character and an inviting rustic appeal.

Saturated with natural oil, pine flooring is a traditional option that is both aesthetically pleasing and full of character.


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