Our unique natural oil finish

Permabois is a fully saturated quality natural oiled finish flooring based on a process of penetration and impregnation of the oils in the wood. The oils seep into the wood and dry interwoven with the grain, which protects by integrating with the fiber and not only on the surface.

In order to obtain this unique finishing process, Permabois requires letting the natural oils dry in the open air of our warehouse for several hours, even days, to obtain complete penetration and saturation of the floor boards. In the age of robots and high-speed machinery, our simple concept of letting time and air saturate every wood pores is almost revolutionary.

It's a slow production model, based on the natural properties of each wood species and the appropriate time required for the impregnation to give optimal results. It makes all the difference!

The passion and know-how involved in the process translates into easy maintenance, simple touch-ups and the ability to restore without intrusive sanding.

These oils have been formulated to resist the most common stains and abuses encountered in our homes and businesses. They have undergone rigorous testing according to international standards.

Our oils comply with the Kyoto Protocol, are environmentally friendly and exceed all Canadian environmental standards.

Living with a Permabois oiled floor means treading on a floor that develops a rich, natural patina year after year, making it ever more resistant and beautiful with time and use.

A remarkable financial investment, a quality, clean and responsible decision.

Permabois is simply a better alternative !!


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