The use of PERMALUSTRE is essential. A product which serves to preserve the floor’s finish in high traffic areas.

PERMALUSTRE is a product that brings back the floor’s lustre by cleaning and protecting it. PERMALUSTRE must be applied every month or so (or at need) in a very fine coat. We recommend you apply PERMALUSTRE with a damp microfiber mop. The product is available in a spray or a concentrate.

Only use quantity indicated on label, no more.

Never use any commercial detergents : they could alter your floor’s finish.

As for the maintenance of any hardwood floor, we recommend the exclusive use of a damp microfiber mop on the floor.

Never sluice down the floor

A few precautions will help you preserve the beauty of your floor.

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly to keep the floor free of dry dirt.
  • Immediately wipe down any liquid spill using a dry rag.
  • Equip furniture legs with adhesive felt pads.


  • PERMACLEAN is a cleaning product only and can be used as needed to dislodge dirt, greasy deposits, minor stains and other residues.
  • PERMACLEAN is an aqueous solution derived from coconut oil and soy. It is a concentrated cleaning product containing no solvents, ammonia or phosphates.
  • PERMACLEAN is a concentrate that must be diluted in a proportion of 1 per cent, ie approximately 1 stopper per liter of water.

N.B. Please note that PERMACLEAN is not a protector and that PERMALUSTRE's periodic use (about once a month) is essential to maintain the finish of your floor.